"If You Are Frustrated and Dissatisfied With the Results You're Getting From Your Direct Mail Advertising, Then The 3D Mail Direct Marketing System is For You!"


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$200 Gift Certificate from 3D Mail Results (you will receive instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate with the System)

Complete MS Word "Swipe File" CD containing 207 sales letters. You’ll get the Complete “Swipe File” CD containing 207 sales letters, completely written and ready to implement on CD in Microsoft Word format. Included are letters for prospecting new clients, letters to existing clients, upgrade and cross-selling, lost client reactivation and generating referrals. All the hard work has been done for you.

One sample of each 3D Mail item we stock. You’ll get one pill bottle, one bank bag, one mini self-mailing trash can, one treasure chest... You get the idea. You can touch them, feel them, hold them, check them out to see which ones will work best for your business.

Hard copy samples of 207 letters using 32 different 3D mail products

Audio CD interview with Bill Glazer, Keith Lee & Travis Lee. Bill Glazer is one of the top direct response marketing minds around, and author of the #1 Best Selling Book, Outrageous Advertising that Outrageously Successful. Be a fly on the wall as Bill, Keith and Travis discuss the successful 3D Mail campaigns they’ve seen over the years.

30 minute One-on-One 3D Mail Coaching Session

Certificate for a Critique of your 3D Mail promotional piece with Travis Lee (you will receive instructions on how to redeem the consultations with the System)

Plus 6 Special Reports 

Why 3D Mail Gets Such Great Results: This covers all the basic “in’s and out’s” of using 3D Mail, how to use it properly for maximum success, and why you should be testing 3D Mail throughout your direct mail campaigns.

The Top Thirteen Mistakes in Preparing a Sales Letter: When you sit down to write a letter using 3D Mail, you won’t make the same mistakes we see time and time again when reviewing and critiquing work from our clients. This report will keep you from making these common mistakes.

Why Premiums/Free Gifts Out Perform Discounts and Rebates: This report explains how you can use Free Gifts withOUT having to discount or rebate your products/services. Using the right free gift will cost you less than discounting, and it will drive added sales to your business.

The Evolution of a $10,000,000.00 Direct Mail Campaign: This is the “life-line” of my ultra-successful direct mail campaign I’ve been using since 1993 to get a constant flow of new clients to my business. You’ll see every split-test, every tweak, every headline we used, every nuance and progression of every letter we’ve sent and tested over the past 17 years. Truthfully, this series of letters has been worth way more than $10 MILLION, but I honestly don’t think you’d believe me if I told you how many sales this one series of letters is responsible for creating. This is 17 years of direct mail testing, already done for you.

Copywriting to Sell Any Product or Service: The greatest 3D Mail in the world is worthless unless you know how to put words on paper that sell. This report will guide you through the copywriting process, so you don’t miss a thing. Do you have an irresistible offer? Do you have a deadline? A guarantee? How do you craft them? This report will answer those questions.

350 of the Best Headlines of All Time and The 25 Best Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines: Headlines are without a doubt, the most important part of any sales message. The best ones have been around for years. They are tested and proven, so why reinvent the wheel?

Two Month FREE Trial of the Copywriter's Corner. Each month you get a brand new 3D Mail piece. The new item will include a dozen different headlines that you can tweak and use in my own business. One month the new idea may be tied to an upcoming current event (presidential election, Memorial Day, Super Bowl, The Winter Olympics, etc) and the next month it may be something more general. When the 3D item is tied to an upcoming current event you'll get it 3 months before the event so you have time to get the item and implement the campaign.

At least a 10% off the new 3D Mail item that is highlighted in the monthly mailing. For three months, you can order the new 3D Mail product and get a 10% discount.

Exclusive use of the new 3D Mail item for 6 months. Only 3D Mail Inner Circle Members can buy the new featured 3D Mail item during the first 6 months.

The Copywriter's Corner monthly Newsletter. Each month along with your new 3D Mail item, you'll get a newsletter with copywriting shortcuts, tips, techniques and newest finding from Keith & Travis Lee along with some of the world's best copywriters as guest contributors. 3D Mail is great but when you pair it with exceptional copywriting, you've got an unbeatable pair.

Inner Circle Members Only Specials - Periodically you'll get Super Duper Inner Only 3D Mail Specials.

5% off any 3D Mail item for as long as you remain a member. This discount may not be combined with the 10% discount above.

A certificate for a 30 minute One-on-One 3D Mail Coaching Session via telephone with Travis Lee.

A certificate for a complete critique of my 3D Mail promotional piece. You can snail mail or email my piece and you'll get an in depth critique via email.

-A Total Value of $1,217.94

Plus, You’re Covered By My:

12-Month No Hassle Guarantee. Use the entire kit for 12 months and if your direct mail headaches aren’t cured, simply send back the Deluxe 3D Mail Sample Kit and Direct Marketing System for a quick and painless 100% refund.

Some of the World's Most Trusted Experts Use and Recommend 3D Mail

“The use of object-mail, grabbers and freemiums plays a role in almost every direct mailcampaign I develop for my private clients as well as for my own use, and Travis Lee and his team at 3D Mail Results are my go-to guys for these items and for fresh ideas. I have brought them in on projects, referred clients to them, and turned to them time and again for the right items at the right price. You’d be foolish not to use 3D Mail Results as your preferred resource as I do.“

“All of our members know that not only do I like 3D mail a lot, but I use them a lot. And there is no mystery as to why I use them. It’s not because I want to make my mailing more complex and complicated. It’s only because I want my mailing to have a better response, and that’s exactly what they do. 3D Mail does a lot of great things, but the biggest thing it does, which is the only thing our members should even be paying attention to is, it increases response. The return on your investment will be much, much higher than the cost of it, so it just always pays for itself.“

I doubled the response I was getting to my best control package using 3D Mail. Based on my results I have endorsed 3D Mail to my members. I would recommend using 3D Mail to anyone looking to increase their sales and more importantly, their profits.

1 Year 


Money Back 



Everything You Need To Start Seeing Results is Included In Your 3D Mail Kit

The System includes Two H-U-G-E, 5 inch notebooks filled to the brim with absolutely everything you need, in two G-I-A-N-T volumes.

-Dan S. Kennedy, Direct-Response Copywriter & Marketing Strategist


-Bill Glazer, President Bill Glazer Consulting, Towson, MD

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-Rory Fatt, Owner

Restaurant Marketing Systems, Vancouver, BC

Also Included is a Two Month Free Trial of Travis and Keith Lee's 3D Mail Inner Circle Membership which includes: 

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I doubled the response I was getting to my best control package using 3D Mail. Based on my results I have endorsed 3D Mail to my members. I would recommend using 3D Mail to anyone looking to increase their sales and more importantly, their profits.

-Christopher A. Bowman, DDS Advanced Dentistry and Dental Insiders LLC 

Charlotte, NC

“I'm an Allstate agency owner, and I've been working with Travis and Keith at 3-D Mail Results since 2008.  One piece I mailed to one hundred people. Ten people immediately called me before I even had time to follow up. “I've sent out many of their great looking mailers, they just understand the whole deal. They're not like a typical mail-house. They understand marketing, and understand small businesses, whether an insurance agency, restaurant, or whatever. If you do any kind of direct mail, you need to talk to them, they really know what they're talking about .“

-Bill Gough, Marketing Consultant to Allstate Insurance Agencies

Florence, AL

“We used the 3D Mail Results bank bag to drive traffic to our booth at a trade show. We had a packed booth at the show and it was one of our best shows to date. I attribute a large part of the success to the pre-show mailing we did using the bank bags.“

-Nick Vastano, Marketing Assistant & Associate Coach

TAG Marketing and Recruiting, Franklin, TN

“GrandRapidsGolfLesson.com used the Lost Customer Campaign. We sent it to 96 lost customers. We also “stole & deployed” the one-page sales letter generously provided by 3D Mail Results. The first letter, using the boomerang, generated a 2% response, bringing back two customers for an immediate profit of $297 plus an ongoing monthly subscription of $9. The second letter, using a compass, generated an immediate response of $1,437. In all to date the mailings cost $576 for postage, staff, envelopes, copies, and the 3D items. The mailings generated $1,788 for a 310% ROI.” 

-Scott Seifferlein, PGA Golf Pro

GrandRapidsGolfLesson.com, Grand Rapids, MI